Monday, July 18, 2011

Recording Acid

I am working on an unannounced game with a group of developers (not S2,)
doing the ambiances and so on.
Right now in the game, we are working a sequence in which a character is submerged into acid and the view goes under with him.

I was wondering how the hell am I going to make this sort of ambiance, I couldn't use underwater sound, that is too calm and pleasant. So, thinking about it, I came up with the next best thing, Cola!

Yes, I strapped couple of binaural microphones into plastic covers and submerged them into a fish tank FULL of cola. I tried various versions and I liked the normal kind best.

So if it the day comes, where you face the evil volcano-dwelling villain and he is about to submerge you into coca cola, and you are wondering (probably not) how it is going to sound like, well, let me spare you the trouble of anticipation and just listen to this:
Warning: Very loud in the beginning as I put the microphones in.
Do listen with headphones on, the experience is way better than with speakers!
Edit: There's a couple of cars driving in the background, this was just a test outside to see how well it would work.

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