Saturday, July 9, 2011

The small but silly work on Phantom Defiler

Yay so phantom Defiler was released on the 2.0.38 patch for HoN.

I helped write many of the lines for the character (along with MsPudding) and I think it came out fairly good. I wrote all the select flavour sounds and designed the bug zapper noise (which is just a broken outlet), I also redid the sound for the wave (made it more masculine) and before you ask, the ultimate sound was also redone.
It might be in a future patch, I don't know, I honestly tried to put it in, there's still some work needed to be done for the alt avatars, on how they handle their abilities before any audio can be successfully changed.

The wave sound was redesigned by using string instruments (violin and cello) and have them do a marcato (video game trivia as well in that link.) And then, mix it with a choir that was pitched down very low so it came out demonic. A wind gust sound was also recorded and pitched down, compressed and EQ'ed so that it was just bass. It was then layered ontop of a car doppler (the sound cars make when they rush by you) and voila, the wave was done.
I should mention that I cut the original sound done by Arney and used the start of the sound with everything else.

And this is a comparision of the original female defiler sound and the phantom defiler sound:
The Wave sound Comparision

The Bug Zapper Joke

Until next time!

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